André Mouche

Unique Like a Woman

In a world where technology is more and more dominant, André Mouche has been able to keep a touch of timeless romanticism. Created by a woman, André Mouche watches are designed for the women of today – active, determined, and willing to assert their femininity.

Made in Switzerland

Our master artisans have been creating unique jewelry watches in our workshops in Fahy, Switzerland since 1961.


Each piece is made of non-allergic alloy, plated with 18-carat gold or palladium.
Another distinct feature of Andre Mouche watches is enamel decoration.


Enamel jewelry is much like art, as the skill of the enameller brings an artistic quality to the piece. Because of the extent of skill and expertise required to make high quality enamel jewelry, our statement watches are highly sought after and valued.

Our Mission

Andre Mouche watches are made to bring every woman into the spotlight, that’s why we deliver worldwide for free.