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The Athena Collection has been a proud member of the André Mouche wristwatch range since 1961. Heavily inspired by Greek designs, the Athena Collection is available in either gold or palladium with a variety of colour options available for both precious metals. Resting in the centre of the white face you will find a dial that perfectly matches the colour of the case as well as a beautifully painted lacquer infinity symbol. The face of the watch is
perfectly preserved and protected by the addition of a mineral crystal dome that covers its entirety.

Furthermore, the bracelet of the watch also matches the same colour palette as the dial and the case with additional gold or silver scroll motifs for a refined final touch. The stunning Athena Collection is crafted and assembled in our factory in Fahy along with all of our other beautiful creations. We have been based in this factory for several decades where we have perfected our craft. We aim to deliver only the best and pride ourselves on our outstanding customer relations over the years.