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Our inspiration behind this collection was the simple tube shape of lipstick, the smaller and more narrowed design makes for a rather lovely and elegant watch that is suitable for any setting, casual or professional. When it is closed, it is the gold or silver leaves inlaid in the enamel that catches the eye however, when it is opened, you will be delighted to discover The Lipstick Collection slipped into this 17mm diameter tube that slides exactly like a stick of lipstick.

The Lipstick Collection is available in 4 colours for the gold version and 3 colours for the palladium version to provide the maximum amount of customization to our clients. All of the watches featured in this collection boast the impressive Swiss Ronda mechanism which merrily ticks along with seamless precision.

The complexity of this design demands nothing but the best which is why it could only be perfected by our skilled craftsmen who work to effortlessly create these works of art in our factory located in Fahy/Switzerland. Over the many years we have spent in the watchmaking industry we have come to appreciate the difference that can be made by using high-quality materials which is why you’ll notice all of our products are top-tier. In addition to our outstanding quality, we also provide a seamless shopping experience and take great joy from meeting the needs of our customers.