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The mythical flower of our Swiss Alps has found its place in our collection with the stunning Marquise Collection. As is the signature design element of our brand, the watches that form a part of this collection all feature an enamelled lid that covers the dials. This lid is chiselled and a more luxurious version is available which has been further adorned with 24 stones. Beneath the lid you will find a stunning white watch face and dial which features clear and legible black numerals, making it incredibly easy to use while keeping the face clear and protected at the same time.

This enamel feature actually continues onto the whole of the case as well as on the band of the watch, making for a completed and impressive final look. Furthermore, we guarantee the utmost precision with the Marquise Collection as it has been fitted with the world-renowned Swiss Ronda mechanism which has been in use for nearly a century. Visit our shop to grab yourself the gold and palladium version of this truly memorable collection.

We are based in Fahy/Switzerland which has been the home of our factory since 1961. Here you will find expert craftsmen beautifully manufacturing all of our precious collections including the Marquise Collection, from the casing to the wrist bands, and naturally the gorgeous enamel patterning we have become known for. Our elegant pieces are crafted from only the highest quality materials as we strive to impress and satisfy our customers with
everything we do.